Tips for Selecting Lip Piercing Jewelry

by | May 12, 2014 | Jewelry


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Lip piercings can be sensitive initially and that means using quality jewelry is a must. While lesser metal designs might fly for ears and other pieces of jewelry that are frequently removed, it’s important to insist on quality metals like 14K gold for lip piercing jewelry, especially in the initial weeks after a piercing.

If it’s time to find a piece that can be used in a new piercing or that can stay in for a time without causing allergy concerns, spending a little bit more for gold makes a great deal of sense. Combine this with the styles available in slightly higher end gold lip piercing jewelry and the decision to go this route just makes a lot of sense. After all, a good piece of jewelry is an investment that’s meant to last.

Finding the Best

Keep in mind that 14K gold is the metal of choice for reputable jewelers who specialize in body piercing styles. That’s because gold has some advantages over other metals that include:

* Its beauty – Gold is a precious metal that’s beauty tends to last. When a piece is crafted in 14K, it will look stunning while having some durability in the design. Great jewelers even offer designs in white, yellow and rose gold so shoppers have a fantastic selection.

* Its sensitivity resistance – While some people have reactions to silver and other metals, gold tends to be relatively trouble free. It can be worn for months without requiring much more than basic care and allergic reactions are very, very rare.
* The value – Gold is an investment that tends to grow over time. While a bit more expensive than silver and other metals, gold is considered a solid investment all the time.

Go for Customization

There’s no reason to settle for the same look everyone else has in lip piercing jewelry when some of the best stores allow for customization options. When this is the case, consumers will be able to select their shaft style, the basic design and then customize even more by selecting their gold color and the type of gemstone to complete the design.

Lip piercing jewelry shouldn’t be a quick purchase without quality in mind. When it’s time to make the investment, go for gold and seek out customization options to land on a piece that’s truly yours.

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