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Are you interested in adding an extra bit of flair to one or more rooms in your house? There are many different types of wallcoverings available, but fabric wallpaper is among the most luxuriant. Needless to say, fabrics are far from the most popular choice of wallcovering material, and for a variety of reasons. For starters, materials such as vinyl are often cheaper, and there are many people who are more than satisfied with a simple coat of paint. However, there will always be those who wish to be more daring and adventurous with the way in which they choose to decorate their homes, and fabric wallpaper offers a slew of new and exciting possibilities for them.

In most cases, fabric wallpaper is sold together with a paper backing, which is used during the initial installation. The fabric itself typically consists of things like hessian, silk, wool or felt. This kind of wallpaper should rarely, if ever, be applied directly onto a wall that has already been fitted with an existing wallcovering. Instead, fabric wallcoverings should be affixed only to walls that are completely bare. In most cases, hanging this kind of wallpaper involves using paste. This is a very delicate process, because the material itself must be kept out of direct contact with the adhesive. Even the slightest amount stands a chance of significantly diminishing its overall quality.

If you’re someone who places a great amount of importance in coloration and design, you should think carefully before settling on a particular fabric option. Hessian is by far the cheapest and most common material available for fabric wallpaper, and it can be found in both natural and dyed colors. Felt comes in a wide range of hues as well, and other fabrics can be purchased in an assortment of creative and dazzling designer patterns. Feel free to have a look around several sites and stores before making your final decision. You’ll likely be glad you did in the end, as you’ll end up with a wallcovering more in line with your personal taste.

Lastly, there’s the issue of care. All good things come at a price, and because fabric wallpaper is more delicate and elegant than a few of the other wallcovering options available, it can also be a bit trickier to care for. Fabric can be torn and stained. However, keep in mind that these wallcoverings can also be cleaned. Take care not to use soaps and detergents, and opt instead for dry-cleaning solvents. Furthermore, the fabric can often be stripped away from the paper backing for maintenance.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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