Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing

In today’s ever changing society, it seems that heads are turning back to the past with fashions from past years becoming extremely popular. Vintage Clothing is something that you can find in the back of closet, your mother’s attic in that musty trunk in the corner, or even in second hand shops in small local towns. If you are looking for Vintage Clothing in shops however, you will want to be careful to check the clothing over carefully before you purchase it. Here are a few tips for buying vintage clothes at just the right price.

Since Vintage Clothing has become such a popular item, many shops have inflated the prices to make the most money they can off of these items. If you are looking for your vintage clothes in these shops then you will need to inspect the clothing carefully.

The first thing you might want to do is ask for a little history on the clothing. Most shop owners can tell you something about any Vintage Clothing that they carry, because anything that is vintage usually has a history behind it.

Once you browse the shop and find things that you think you would like to own, make sure to inspect the material for tears, rips, or anything that will not only tear later but also ruin the value of the clothing before you ever leave the store.

In second hand shops it is quite possible that you can negotiate when it comes to buying Vintage Clothing, so if you think you can get it cheaper, don’t be afraid to say so. Buying vintage doesn’t mean that you settle for whatever is given to you; you need to pick and choose your pieces carefully, from the jeans to the scarves that you wear.

Wearing vintage is a statement that says something about you. Are you a 60’s girl at heart or a 70’s man in your soul? Then vintage is the perfect style for you. Just make sure that you shop carefully and choose your clothing wisely, and everyone will envy the style you have chosen to adopt.

The clothing in the Bettie Page collection is vintage style clothing that is designed in the classic style immortalized by the pin up girls of the 1950s, most notably Bettie Page herself.


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    Author: NANCY LAND

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