Different types of ponchos

A poncho is a great piece of rainwear for men, it’s readily available and easy to don. The poncho is not much more than a square of protective material with three holes; one for the wearers head and two for his arms, a poncho does not have sleeves. They do a great job of keeping a person dry as they can leave their arms and hands inside except when it’s necessary to use them for a specific purpose. Ponchos are in various types, there are ponchos that are reused time after time as well as disposable ones that are lightweight, easy to carry and ready for any weather emergency.

Ponchos are made from a number of different materials; those that are used over and over are usually made from vinyl or nylon. Both of these materials are light and fully waterproof. A piece of rainwear for men that you often see at outdoor sporting events is a poncho made from a very lightweight material, not much more than a durable version of cling wrap. Because the material is so thin, the entire poncho can be folded into a very small package, certainly small enough to slip in a pocket. They are very inexpensive and are definitely designed for one time use only. Although they are somewhat effective in keeping the wearer dry, they do leave a little to be desired.

If you buy a poncho with the intention of using it over and over you may want to consider the type which is issued to members of the military. They are very durable, made from a canvas material which has been pre-treated with a waterproofing material.

There are ponchos available which have snaps which allow the wearer to close the armpits. This arrangement helps to keep more water out; many ponchos also are fitted with integral hoods which provide protection for the head and neck areas as well as stopping the rain from running down the wearers back. Many of those with hoods are also provided with a drawstring closure which adds additional protection again.

Ponchos are ideal rainwear for men who hunt. They can be purchased in camouflage material, when the hunter is sitting quietly under the poncho it is every bit as effective as a blind.

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    Author: NANCY LAND

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