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Can You Make Money When You Buy Overstock Clothing or Apparel Stocklots?

Making the decision to buy overstock clothing or apparel stocklots to sell at a retail outlet or online store is not always a simple decision. There are several factors that buyers need to consider before buying large volumes of a particular clothing item. By understanding your clientele, the pricing options you have and the demand for the item you can evaluate your options in your own best interest.

Target Audience

If you are considering the option to buy overstock clothing or apparel stocklots your first consideration should be if it is desirable for your target audience. This may be your existing clientele or the people that you are planning to attract with a new store or website.

Specialized types of clothing, including items that are for a particular age group or for a particular design style, are going to have a narrower target audience. If your current online website or retail store is geared to sell to high end fashion bringing in jeans or work clothing, regardless of the price, may not create more sales.

Pricing Options

While it may be tempting to compare the cost of the item, per unit, on the retail market in comparison to the offering with the stocklot price, you do need to do some additional research on pricing. Look around to see what other online outlets and websites are offering the product for.

When you buy overstock clothing or apparel stocklots online you will be competing for customers with other retailers doing the same thing. If you cannot make a profit with the lower prices offered by the competition it is probably not a profitable investment to make.

Volume Speaks Volumes

Different websites and vendors will offer a variety of options when you are searching for stocklot sales. Buying overstock clothing in large volume is ideally the best option to drop the per unit price. However, it is not profitable to buy huge trailer load lots if you only think that you can sell a few hundred items.

The decision to buy overstock stocklots or apparel closeouts is a very effective and cost efficient way to start up an online or retail business or grow your existing sales. You do need to consider your options and evaluate each purchase to maximize your profit and sales potential.


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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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