Online Worshiping Ideal for the Ill and Elderly

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Shopping


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Online worshipping provides a personal connection to the church for those who are unable to physically join their congregation. It can be an effective way to maintain contact with the church community and strengthen your relationship with God.

The Ill and Elderly
For those who are truly dedicated to their faith and are too ill to join their own congregation in worship, online worship allows them to feel closer to God. If you know a loved one who is too frail or elderly to go to church you can bring your laptop to their home and allow them to experience a far more interactive experience joining live worship online as opposed to watching a mass or sermon on television. At first the elderly might be hesitant or nervous with the technology, but once they experience the comforting words during the sermon and are able to participate with online worshiping they will be appreciative of the gesture to bring the church to them so to speak. If you are ill and unable to participate online worshiping is the perfect option until you are able to participate in person again.

Modern Philosophy
Faith is often put on hold due to the busy lives we all lead. The changing modern philosophy about worship views religion differently with an understanding that perhaps more than ever we need options that work in the modern world. Online worshiping is a growing trend that allows you to be true to your faith without the need to travel physically to a church to practice your faith. This allows those who have put their faith on the “back burner” to once again bring it to the forefront and be closer to God.

Introduction to Christianity
Online worship provides the perfect introduction to Christianity for those who are seeking more spirituality in their lives. Many people are not introduced to a faith during their childhood and this can leave you feeling lost and without spiritual guidance. Those without faith often seek to find a religion that will provide them with the spirituality that makes them feel complete. Online worship allows people to participate in worship and learn more about what worship entails. It provides the stepping stone for many new Christians.

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