The sound of music

by | Nov 1, 2011 | General


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Who listens to music? Actually the question should be who does not listen to music? Music adds a rhythm to life. It expresses feelings of joy and of sadness, of love and of despair. This music is brought to you in the form of music CDs/DVDs.
The Past
The format of music has come a long way. First there were the gramophones with their huge disks, needles and single loud speakers. Then came the magnetic tapes which were a revolution in themselves. Available in both audio and video, these tapes were read by magnetic heads. Every kid in the 80s and early 90s was seen with a ‘walkman’ in their hands.
The Present
Finally the world saw the return of the disk in a new avatar. The compact disks or CDs and then the digital compact disks or DVDs caught the market in a wave and swept away the age old music storage devices. Music CDs/DVDs came in a variety of formats within them selves. The audio CDs available in the market containing album and movie releases were in the simple audio format. Then came the mp3 CDs which could store many times more data than the audio CDs.
The Future
DVDs gave the viewers better video quality and more storage capacity than the older VCDs. Music CDs/DVDs saw another revolution recently with the coming of the blu-ray with a storage capacity of up to 50 gigabytes and an unprecedented video and audio quality.

Sound Of Music

Sound Of Music

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