Keep Your Product Safe With the Right Walk In Cooler Doors

by | Mar 6, 2014 | General


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Keeping your walk in cooler at the proper temperature is an issue you may often deal with regularly every day as employees move in and out of the cooler stocking and retrieving necessary items. The right type of walk in cooler doors play an essential role in helping you keep the cooler temperature regulated as required by health department regulations. There are several different kinds of doors that will meet these requirements and even increase your employees’ productivity at the same time.

One of the biggest losses of time and operating costs is a door that requires time to manually open and then close. A double acting traffic door, which can be used in many different areas of your operation, including cooler areas, will save personnel time as well as energy costs. Whether your employee must open the door himself or move through it with a hand truck, pallet jack or even a forklift, the door will immediately swing open in either direction and then automatically close once the employee is out of the way. Operating costs can drop when a door is no longer left open for “just a moment” while an employee does a quick job, or when the door doesn’t close completely. You’ll see a reduction in energy costs as well as lower product loss.

The most commonly seen cooler door, the standard entry door, is designed to either fit flush with the door jamb or to overlap the jamb, depending on your specifications. The width of this standard door can allow hand trucks or pallet jacks easy access. Horizontal sliding doors in either manual or electric-opening models, are ideal for areas in which forklifts are used.  Overlap freezer stainless steel doors, primarily used in very low temperature operations such as blast freezers, are most often utilized for employee rather than vehicle entry.

An experienced refrigeration manufacturing company has the knowledge to design the right cooler and walk in cooler doors for your restaurant, cafeteria or industrial company. The designers at Turn Key Systems are willing to travel to consult with you on your cooler design needs. No matter what kind of cold storage requirements your company has, Turn Key Systems will work with you to find the right solution.

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