Sustainable Materials Help save the Planet

Everyday, year after year, the world slowly eats away at our natural resources. Trees, oil, minerals and natural gas are all examples of resources that cannot be renewed. Trees can be planted and regrown but they take years to reach maturity. It is because of this that the need to create and use sustainable items is becoming all the more necessary. Sustainable materials allow us to make the products we need without the depletion of our precious resources.

Sustainable Materials
Sustainable materials provide materials that are easily replenished for easy use and quick harvesting. This is necessary to help us manage our natural resources by working with materials that are easily mass produced without damaging the environment. Natural materials such as bamboo, jute, cotton and recycled materials all work well to provide us with the products we need while maintaining the natural balance of the planet.

Depleting Resources
Resources such as oil and natural gas cannot be replaced at all and other resources such as trees can be replenished but take decades to grow to the required size to provide the materials needed for production of wood products. By seeking out items that are made using sustainable materials we can manufacture items as the world’s consumer’s demand while causing minimum harm to the environment. From large items such as furniture to smaller everyday items such as cotton drawstring bags you can make a huge difference and help save the planet.

Eco-conscious Shopping
Taking steps to make eco-friendly choices will help lessen the carbon footprint you leave behind. From opting to refurbish kitchen cabinets during a remodel to looking for eco-savvy furniture items at flea markets, lessening the amount of garbage that ends up at the land fill site helps. You can also look for choices that will make you a green shopper by making choices from cotton drawstring gift bags to sustainable bamboo flooring. More and more shops are seeking out eco-friendly products using sustainable materials to answer the growing demands of the eco-conscious consumer. Looking for locally grown produce, products made with eco-friendly materials and reusing and refurbishing older items and flea market finds you will be helping to save the planet.


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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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