Buy Eye Glass Frames Online in Long Island, NY to Get Better Prices

by | Nov 4, 2013 | Shopping


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The cost of a pair of glasses can easily be shockingly high, even if you aren’t adding a lot of special features like coatings or specialty materials. A major factor in this is the cost of frames, which can easily run up to hundreds of dollars. If you’re just not looking to spend that much, but you still want to look great while you’re improving your sight, you still have options. One of the best things that you can do is to shop for Eye Glass Frames online Long Island NY to get access to a better range of options that costs dramatically less.

The profit margin on the frames sold through most stores is huge compared to most other categories of products you can buy. The stores go out of their way, in fact, to make sure that they focus on these brands that have huge margins, since they know that many people will assume that this is the only price they can possibly get and they will just have to pay. If you’re willing to look beyond the boundaries of options that are officially branded with designer labels, though, you’ll find some great choices that can cost as little as 10 percent of what you would have paid for the designer brand.

If you go online to do your shopping, you can browse through a large selection on sites like They serve the Long Island, NY area, and also help customers throughout the rest of the country who want to get great glasses. It’s also up to you whether you want to buy lenses through them or not. If you would prefer to have those made locally, you can choose to order the frames alone. That way, you can take them to a local eye doctor to have the lenses made if you’re more comfortable having that custom work done by someone with whom you can deal in person.

The amount of money that you can save by choosing to shop for Eye Glass Frames online Long Island NY is dramatic. For many people, it can easily be the difference between having to wear an old pair as long as possible and being able to upgrade to something newer with an updated prescription.



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