How to get the most out of your fondant

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Shopping


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When decorating cakes and cookies, fondant is pretty much the standard of choice among bakers. It is pliable and goes on easy and can be shaped into virtually any shape or design you may choose. However to get the most out of your fondant, you will want to begin by gathering the right tools. Learning more about the best tools to use when working with fondant can ensure the best results in your cake decorating efforts.

Fondant rolling pin

The main tool you will need to invest in when working with fondant is a fondant rolling pin. This handy little tool works just like a traditional rolling pin except that it is made specifically for fondant. It comes with guides so you can set the thickness of the fondant according to your needs. For nice, smooth, and even looking fondant, a fondant rolling pin is your best choice. You can purchase this tool at most baking supply stores for relatively inexpensive prices.

Fondant plunger cutters

In addition to using the fondant rolling pin for smoothing out the fondant, you will also want to use fondant plunger cutters in order to make different designs in the fondant. You can have the fondant shaped into any style and design you desire. From delicate lace cutouts to fun geometric designs or letters, there is no end to the options you can add when you buy the right fondant plunger cutters.

Getting the best fondant materials

Whether you are investing in a fondant rolling pin or fondant plunger cutters, you will benefit by investing in all of the right materials. You can do so by visiting your local bakery supply store or placing your order online from a reliable and trusted bakery supplier. ..

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