Helpful Tips for Choosing and Purchasing Diamond Earring in Murfreesboro

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Jewelry


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Shopping for any type of jewelry, which includes diamond earrings, can be somewhat challenging. This is especially true if you are unsure of what you should be looking for. For many people, when they think of purchasing diamond earrings in Murfreesboro, they automatically think of studs. This option is extremely elegant and can be put with any type of ensemble. However, before you actually purchase this type of diamond earrings, there are certain considerations that you should make.

Consider the Size of the Diamond

The diamond size that you eventually choose will be determined by a number of factors, one of these being your personal style. Smaller diamonds are able to be easily paired with daytime attire. In most cases, a larger stud diamond earring will only look right when you wear dressier clothes or evening wear. The carat is the actual weight of the gemstone, and a diamond will be listed by its total carat weight. This means that if you purchase a pair of diamond stud earrings that are one carat in weight, each stone is ½ carat.

Carefully Consider the Cut

The diamonds that are used in diamond earrings are able to be cut into a number of different shapes. No matter if you want larger or smaller diamonds, you always need to consider the style and the shape of your studs. The most popular option that is currently available is the cut called round brilliant. This has a total of 58 facets and it will reflect the most sparkle out of all the cuts available.

Consider the Quality

Professional jewelers will grade a diamond based on the four C’s. This includes the carat, cut, clarity and color. Diamonds are most well-known and sought after because they lack color, and they are rated with a scale that is alphabet based. The color scale is: D to F for colorless, G to I for almost colorless, J to K for a faint bit of color, and L to R for a noticeable color. The term clarity refers to the flaws that are noticeable in the diamond. There are some stones that do not have any flaws, but these are rare and much more expensive.

When you carefully consider the features that are highlighted here, you will be able to find the perfect diamond stud earrings for yourself, or for your loved one. Be sure that you also think about your price range. If you are on a budget, compromising on the clarity may be a good idea, since everyday consumers are not going to be able to notice the difference in the diamond in terms of clarity. For more information, please contact Bell Jewelers today.

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