Gifts for your long distance partner

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Gifts


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If you have a long distance relationship, then it must be very difficult for you to decide what gifts to send to your loved one on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Gifts create memories and are essential to make any relationship grow and flourish. The presents that you would likely give to your long-distance partner are quite different from the ones that you would usually give to some who is close to you. These small presents can make your partner feel really special. When it comes to gifting ideas for your long distance partner, here are a few ideas.

Love notes

The best way to keep the relationship and the love alive is to send love notes. Love notes are an excellent gifting option not just for special occasions but also for casual days. You really do not need an occasion to write a love note for your better half. Love notes as gifts are a great option and since it is a personal form of expressing your love, your partner will surely appreciate the effort.


Another great option for gifts for a long distance relationship is presenting your loved one with a hand-made scrapbook. You can make a wonderful scrapbook by collecting all the favourite pictures that you have clicked together. All you need to do is buy a scrapbook and start pasting some memorable photos in it. You need to also design it well to make it look affectionate. You can also add some love messages and quotations. If you know a song that is liked by your loved one, then you can write down the lyrics of that song in the scrapbook.

Apart from these, there are many other gifts that you can give to someone you love who is far away from you. Maybe you could book a holiday for both of you to a romantic location.



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