Don’t Know the Gender? Great Baby Gifts No Matter Who Arrives!

by | Jan 18, 2014 | Gifts


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While many expecting parents are waiting till the birth of the newborn to find out the baby’s gender, you do not have to wait to buy amazing baby gifts. There are wonderful baby gift ideas that work for both boys and girls. Clothing, baby accessories, toys, and more are available for young ones that are perfect for baby showers and will delight the mom and dad to be.


Diapers may seem like a mundane baby gift but parents need diapers more than any other thing else when it comes to baby supplies! Plus, you can jazz up this essential gift in a variety of ways.

One of the most creative methods of gifting the new mom with needed diapers is to stuff a cute diaper bag full of newborn size diapers. Diaper bags come in multiple sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. The best diaper bags are fashionable and functional. Look for a bag that can be useful – one that has plenty of pockets both inside and out for all those baby accessories mom will now need to pack whenever she leaves the house. And, you can fill all those great pockets with travel size baby accessories to get mom started.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets full of baby items are perfect when the new baby’s gender is unknown. You can purchase a premade gift basket full of tantalizing baby items or create one with baby accessories you know the new mom will need.

What items should you place in a baby gift basket? Creativity is key in creating great baskets for mom and baby. Many of the best baby gift baskets have a theme. For example, a bath time gift basket might include a plush hooded bath towel, baby bath oil, baby lotion, wash cloths, and an adorable rubber duck.

Picture Frames and Scrapbooks

New parents take hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of their new baby. Scrapbooks and picture frames are a fabulous gift for the new parents who do not know the gender of their baby.

For the new mom who likes to scrapbook, scrapbooking supplies and a scrapbook for the newborn is perfect baby gift. You can purchase a scrapbook that can later be personalized with the baby’s name and birth date plus baby themed scrapbooking supplies.

Keepsake Items

Traditional baby items continue to be popular with new parents. Items such as heirloom silver baby cups, spoons, and picture frames make memories for a lifetime. Many of these items can be gifted at baby showers and later personalized for the infant with the name and birth date.

Do not let not knowing the gender of the new baby hold you back from purchasing fantastic baby gifts. You can find a wealth of ideas online for filling baby gift baskets, creating scrapbooking kits for the new mom, purchasing the perfect heirloom keepsake, and the trendiest diaper bags. The hottest baby gifts are just a click away!

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