Details About Using a Retainer in Your Nose to Keep the Piercing Open

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Shopping


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After getting a nose piercing, you might discover that there are times when you need to take the ring out of your nose. It could be because an employer doesn’t want certain body piercings or because you need to look professional for a special occasion with family and friends. Here are a few details to consider about this type of piercing and how you can keep the hole open without a retainer.


The material used for a retainer nose ring should be durable but flexible at the same time so that it’s easy to get in and out. Most retainers are made of acrylic as the material is usually clear and will last for quite some time while ensuring that the piercing stays open. Lucite is another common material for nose retainers.

Reasons to Wear

If you’re a student, then you might not be allowed to wear certain piercings to school, especially if you’re still in high school. A retainer nose ring allows you to stay in your classes and keep the piercing that you want. A job is often easier to get if you don’t walk into an interview with a nose ring or similar types of piercings. There are also medical reasons why you might want to use a retainer, such as surgery or diagnostic imaging procedures.

Providing Care

As you would with your piercing, you need to provide proper care for the retainer so that it doesn’t get infected or dirty. Wash it with warm water or products that are provided by the person who performs the piercing.

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