Buying an Engagement Ring for the Love of Your Life

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Gifts


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If you want to surprise and impress your girlfriend by presenting her with an engagement ring, you need to visit local jewelry stores in Dallas, Texas in order to find something that elicits two responses: “It’s beautiful!” and “Yes!” You do not want, “oh, it’s….a very interesting piece of jewelry…and I…I’m speechless…what? What was the question?”

Of course, your relationship provides the substance for a substantive answer when you pop the big one, but the engagement ring that you procure through an arduous and thoughtful search of jewelry stories in Dallas, Texas will make everything go down a little more smoothly if indeed, you purchase a beautiful piece.

Your first priority is to give some attention to the kind of jewelry your girlfriend already wears. That should give you several hints at to style, color, size and complexity. Having known her long enough and well enough to want to marry her, you should be familiar at least to some degree with what she likes. If you are not, pay attention and get familiar.

It’s likely that she had told you straight out on one occasion or another whether or not she likes diamonds, what cut, and what color of band she would prefer. If you have been dating for years, she may have even told you her ring size. If you cannot summon any of this information, you might just go ahead and subtly ask her in a nonchalant way, or seek out the help of a professional hypnotist to dredge those memories back to the surface.

If she wants a huge rock, a diamond engagement ring that will cost you a year’s salary, plan ahead. Start saving money. It’s okay to stretch your budget if you think it’s worth it; and you better think it is worth it if you plan on actually getting hitched. The usual budget is two month’s salary, but there are some of us who couldn’t buy any kind of ring, even ring around the collar, on two month’s salary. There is room for exceptions to the norm if you are willing to make the sacrifice.

Go to well-established and high quality local jewelry stores in Dallas, Texas. That doesn’t mean the high end place at the Mall where you will have to pay five year’s salary for a decent engagement ring. There are high quality, less expensive jewelry stores in Dallas, Texas that can suit your needs well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and actively engage with the jeweler. If you have a mutual female friend who knows your girlfriend well and who can keep the secret, you might bring her along to help make the selection as well.

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