Select Perfection with Garcia Y Vega

In 1882, Garcia Y Vega cigars were manufactured by Swedish Match and are considered very popular among the United States smokers. Other brands from Swedish Match include White Owl, Game, Longhorn, Timber Wolf, Red Man and more.

While some people still prefer a Cuban cigar, most Americans have fallen in love with Garcia Y Vega as they are manufactured in the Dominican Republic and are highly sought after. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is that each cigar that is manufactured has its own slightly different taste, even though they are machine rolled.

Specific Tastes

While all cigars will taste different based on the tobaccos and flavorings used, Garcia Y Vega brand cigars all taste different, even when the same cigar is produced. If you were to smoke two of the GyC English Corona cigars, each would have a slightly different taste because they are wrapped with unprocessed tobacco leaves. This allows the smoker to have an even burn (from a machine rolling the cigar) and a handcrafted cigar feeling (from the unprocessed leaves of tobacco used).


While some people balk at the price tag of these cigars, most people realize they are getting a great deal. Many 30-count packages are around $50.00, making these quite affordable at around $1.67 per cigar. Obviously, some options are pricier or less expensive than others are, so it is completely up to you and your preferences.


Cigars are the predominant option in the Garcia Y Vega brand and can include the elegant version of 50 count, English Corona 30 count, Gallante 50 count, Gran Corona 30 count, Gran Premio 30 count, Panetela Deluxe 5×5 pack, Presidente 40 count, Whiffs Gold 10 packs of five and Whiffs Natural 10 packs of five.

Sometimes, you may even find flavored cigars, with flavors such as vanilla cordial and rum reserve.

For those that want a cigar but cannot smoke an entire one, mini cigars are also available, which are much smaller than cigars and even smaller than cigarillos. These usually come in a 50-count box.


If a cigarillo is more your style, there are many great options available, including three to a pack of 30 foil fresh packs and a 50 count box of cigarillos. Many people prefer the foil fresh options because each one is packed inside foil, making it stay fresher for longer periods.


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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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