Why New York Airport Transfers by Helicopter are Becoming Popular

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Furniture


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When most people think of New York airport transfers, they typically don’t think of a helicopter, but this is becoming more and more popular, not just with the wealthy but for everyone, including families. The helicopter flight is so unique that any other transportation, you can get there faster, feel like a VIP, and can actually get to or from your destination easier.


Helicopters are much faster then vehicles, being able to go up to 145 miles per hour and can reduce your travel time by up to one-third. It usually takes about an hour to get from one airport to the next, and can take even longer if there is a lot of traffic. Using a taxi or limo will get you there, but if you must rush to get to your connecting flight, you may choose another option. Airport transfers by helicopter from the same areas would usually take about 10 minutes.


Everyone wants to feel pampered, including men and children. You have a private aviation team devoted just to you and your family. No one else is with you on the transfer flight by helicopter, so you can feel you get personalized service. You will also have someone to help you with your luggage, getting it on and off the helicopter and may be provided beverages or drinks, depending on the company.


Most people don’t consider a sightseeing tour while getting from one airport to the next, but you could in a great place like New York. Transfers by helicopter will take you high above all the din, allowing you a better view of the city. The way the helicopter turns is breathtaking and the sights are so beautiful.


There is definitely a different sense of style when using a helicopter. It makes people feel more important and interesting and used to be reserved for the wealthy. However, people with almost any budget can consider airport transfers by helicopter nowadays, making any trip more exciting.

Once in a Life Time Experience

Even though there are many people who travel by helicopter multiple times a day, for most people, it is still considered to be reserved for a special occasion or a one-time experience. These transfers can become expensive, but if you travel once or twice a year, you may be able to afford it.

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