Why Buy Pandora Jewelry From an Authorized New York Jewelry Store?

Pandora pieces are among the most in demand items today. Because it is beautiful and customizable, a woman can turn a simple piece of Pandora jewelry into a work of art that reflects her tastes, her character, and her interests.

Because Pandora jewelry is so popular, there are a number of stores both online and in the real world which are now attempting to sell “Pandora” products, although they are not authorized to do so by the company. But why should you care about buying Pandora products from an authorized New York jewelry store?

The Benefits of Buying From an Authorized Retailer

There are a number of key benefits that come with buying Pandora jewelry from an authorized jewelry store:

a) You know that the product you are purchasing is genuine and crafted from original materials

b) You will receive a full one-year warranty on all Pandora products you purchase

c) You may also be able to take advantage of deals, discounts, and free Pandora gifts

Authorized retailers can be found both online and offline, and you can check to see whether or not they are authorized to sell these products on the Pandora website.

What about Online Auction Sites?

Rather than going to a jewelry retailer, some people may like the idea of purchasing Pandora jewelry off an online auction site. There are a few problems with this strategy, the first being that many of these products are not genuine Pandora products. You may pay a slightly discounted price for the piece, but when you receive it you may discover that it is not an original product and does not hold much value.

Another problem is that a number of the pieces being sold on auction websites are broken or damaged in some way that has not been disclosed in the product description. You also do not have the same selection as you would when you visit an authorized Pandora jewelry shop.

Why Visiting a Jewelry Store Is Best

The first and most obvious reason to visit and purchase Pandora pieces from a jewelry store is that you can find and take home the piece you want that very day.  But when it comes to Pandora, it is also important to note that the products shown on a website may not look exactly like the product you receive. This is because each piece and each charm is handmade. For example, if you are interested in a Murano bead or a gemstone, the shade and the detailing may vary quite a bit from the photo online. Buy the charm from a jeweler, however, and you know exactly what the piece will look like when you receive it.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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