Why Bella Filtered Cigars Are Different

One of the primary differences offered by our Bella filtered cigars is the tobacco that is used. The tobacco we use in our filtered cigars is typically aged so it becomes fermented. Also, the cigar tobacco is typically from only one, single source. This method used in the cigars sold by Cheap Little Cigars makes the flavor richer and smoother. The fermenting process is not what is used for creating traditional cigarette tobacco, it is processed quickly and may contain additional additives. This creates a sharper and harsher flavor, which make them more difficult to enjoy.

Flavor Options in Bella Filtered Cigars

There are a number of different grades and flavors offered when you choose Bella filtered cigars from our Cheap Little Cigars website. The flavors that are provided actually enhance the natural taste of the aged tobacco. There are some different strengths offered of the tobacco, as well, which works to further enhance the intensity of the cigars flavor. When you purchase a cigarette, you will not find a different flavor, past menthol or normal.

Appearance, Weight and Size of Filtered Cigars

There are quite a few differences in our Bella filtered cigars and traditional cigarettes. The primary difference is that a filtered cigar is much heavier than a cigarette. This is, in part, due to the tobacco’s weight. A filtered cigar is also much larger and longer than a traditional cigarette and easily differentiated from a cigarette due to the paper that is used. The majority of Bella filtered cigars from our Cheap Little Cigars website are wrapped in brown paper, or paper that is tinted and dark. This is extremely different than the white paper that is used for the standard cigarette. In many cases, the filter that is used on the cigars may also be longer than the traditional cigarette.

Taxes on the Bella Filtered Cigars

When you shop our selection of Bella filtered cigars you will find that they are taxed much less than the traditional cigarettes. At Cheap Little cigars you will not have to pay local or federal taxes due to the way that the tobacco is treated when the cigar is being produced. This lower tax typically means that the filtered cigars are more affordable than a traditional cigarette.

When you begin shopping for filtered cigars at our site, Cheap Little Cigars, you will find we offer a large number of options to ensure that no matter your smoking preference, we can meet it. Affordable options that you will love, this is what we offer each customer. For a smooth and clean flavor, shopping our selection of Bella filtered cigars will be your best bet.



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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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