Wheelchairs and Scooters are an Inconvenient Convenience

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Shopping


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Simply put, for as much freedom and mobility that a wheelchair or scooter provides to people with a disability, they are sometime a hassle to move around and get from place to place. That is where speaking with a company that deals in vehicle lifts in Kelowna will make your life so much easier. You won’t have to deal with loading an unwieldy wheelchair or scooter anymore.

How a Vehicle Lift will Make Your Life Easier

Some people are fortunate enough that their disability doesn’t require that they be confined to a wheelchair or scooter to get around all of the time. They can drive or walk around the house but when it comes to trips or shopping excursions they can’t stand for an extended period so they need the help of a mobility aid. The problem in this is that they are often incredibly heavy and getting them in and out of the back of the van is impossible just because of this. That is where a vehicle lift is incredibly helpful because you simply hook the scooter or wheelchair to the lift and you can then raise or lower it in and out of the back of the vehicle. You can then do your shopping and once you are done you raise the equipment back into the van using the lift.

A Company that Knows how to Help People with Disabilities

Can Am Mobility has been developing and installing quality equipment into the vehicles of people with disabilities since 1989. Since then they have helped many of their clients get back the freedom and feeling of confidence they have long been denied by their disability. To learn more please visit their website and you can see how your quality of life can be greatly improved.

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