What to Consider When Ordering Class Rings

In 1835 cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point began wearing class rings to commemorate their years of learning. The custom caught on and now thousands of college and high school students graduate wearing commemorative rings. High school Class rings are often the first and most memorable and jewelers such as Sun City Coin & Pawn help make them special with professional guidance, a choice of styles, and a range of designs.

Established Jewelers Provide Memorable Rings

Class rings have become big business and are available from many sources, including inexpensive vendors and department stores. However, professional jewelers often provide the best rings because they have years of experience working with stones, metals, and designs. They are craftsmen who are in the business of creating memorable jewelry. They will ensure that each customer gets a ring that makes a unique statement.

Every Student Has Their Own Style

Before a student orders a ring, they should consider their own style. At one time schools offered one or two classic rings types, and these were typically divided into men’s and women’s styles. Today graduates can choose from contemporary, classic, and signature collections. There are also elegant fashion rings designed to flatter their wearers. Rings can be ordered in small, medium, or large styles that include raised or flat stones, and a range of shapes.

Each Ring Design Can Be Unique

Jewelers can add almost any element to a ring, so students should consider whether they want their initials, mascot, and school seals added. Professionals will add any dates or emblems that customers want. They offer a range of stones, including garnets, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Students can select from various sizes and types of lettering and choose to have initials appear on the top of the stones. Jewelers make it easy to choose and order rings online. Their websites include size, design, stone, lettering, and other guidelines. They also accept online payment and provide efficient delivery.

A class ring marks a big milestone in students’ lives, so it should be ordered with care. Experienced jewelers are a good source because they help students design and buy rings that reflect their personalities and tastes. Their rings can be customized, ordered, and paid for online.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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