What Makes A Sealy Mattress For North Covington, LA A Good Thing To Sleep On?

by | May 5, 2015 | Shopping


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Long History

Sealy is a town west Of Houston Texas where a maker of cotton gins called Daniel Haynes happened to reside in the 1880’s. Haynes also made cotton filled sleeping pallets for people that he knew in the locality and, in 1889, he had the idea of filling his bedding pallets with compressed cotton. He took out a patent for this invention which proved so popular he was able to sell licenses for its manufacture in many other places. Such was his success that the phrase “Mattress from Sealy” was coined for his end product.

The patent was subsequently purchased by one Earl Edwards who founded a company named after the Texan town to fully exploit the brand nationwide. However, due to lack of capital, this expansion was based on a licensing system for the manufacture and sales. The Company’s fortunes dipped during the Great Depression and they faced bankruptcy, takeovers and reorganization along with disputes between licensees over sales territories.

One way or another, they survived and recently merged with Tempur-Pedic International, Inc whose history includes converting NASA research (into better materials for cushioning aircraft seats) into the bedding arena. Tempur are world leaders in memory (viscoelastic) foam technology. Although the two companies operate separately, this merger has not only placed emphasis on comfort at the forefront, it has also created “the world’s largest bedding company.” – Tempur paid $228.6 million for the merger.

Continuing Innovation

The innovative spirit of Daniel Haynes has continued throughout the company’s checkered financial history. Although coil and box springs had been around since the late 19th century: Haynes’ successors patented and applied many improvements and introduced groundbreaking technologies such as their “Posture Channels and Pressure Relief Inlays” to specifically relieve the tossing and turning caused by pressure points. They created an ”Orthopedic Advisory Board” and were the first to commercially offer king sized beds.

Support + Comfort = A Good Night’s Sleep

We all need to unwind, relax and re-charge our batteries during our sleeping hours otherwise both bodily and metal health may suffer the consequences. With all the work that has been put in to help us achieve that aim, it is no wonder that the Sealy Mattress in North Covington, LA is so popular. The Mattress Direct store is a place to look for all the latest models; from single bed size up to king size plus they have them all. Visit us online at

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