Wear a Rose Gold Class Ring to Celebrate Academic Accomplishments

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Jewelry


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Graduating from high school or college is an achievement to be proud of. It took many hours of studying to get passing grades. It was also a large financial investment. A diploma can be hung on a wall of an office. It will certainly impress clients and colleagues, when they visit the office. However a Rose Gold Class Ring for sale can be worn anywhere. Everyone you meet will know the school that you graduated from. It’s an effective way to show the world your credentials without speaking a word. It’s also a way to meet other people who graduated from the same high school or university.

Class rings become more important as more classes are taken online. Students are spending less time on campus. They may know each other’s names from support forums, but not people’s faces. Wearing a class ring is a way to reach out. As people shake hands they will notice if they attended the sames school.

Prep school, high school or college connections can open up many paths to success. When a person is making a presentation at a conference or in a boardroom, people can see their Rose Gold Class Ring. Fellow graduates will feel an immediate empathy. This could result in positive reviews and more opportunities. People who wear their class rings shouldn’t be surprised when others come up and start a conversation. Seeing class rings from a common alma mater usually brings happy and exciting memories to mind. It’s only natural to want to share them.

Since class rings can bring so much attention to the person wearing them, it’s important to ensure that they are attractive and distinctive. Since 1903, the J. Jenkins Sons Company has been making class rings. When a person buys Rose Gold Class Ring, it shows that they are an individual who trusts their own tastes. In addition to the warm beauty of rose gold, jewelers can add many custom touches. The gemstone that the person places in the ring is the first thing that many people notice. The graduate can choose one that has meaning to them. Their birthday gemstone or the month they graduated are popular choices. They can also add an inscription to inspire themselves throughout their life.

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