Tips for Jewelry Repair

Receiving jewelry as a gift for a special occasion is always wonderful. It shows that person really cares about you. However, just because they spent a lot of money on the item, doesn’t mean that it should not require regular maintenance, or that they will never break. When it comes time to have the pieces repaired, how will you know who to trust to treat them with care? Here are a few tips to help you decide.

Reputable Jeweler

Before you play Pin the Tail on the Jeweler, ask your local friends and family who they have had work on their jewelry pieces. Have they found one that has treated them with care and within a reasonable amount of time? Is the jeweler respectful to the customers? How long have they been in business? All of these factors should influence your decision.

Repairs in Store

Ascertain if they repair the jewelry right there in the store. When you look for jewelry repair services in Jacksonville, FL, ask the manager if they need to send the pieces out to a third party to do the job. If they send them out, they will charge you more to compensate for paying another company to do the repairs. There is also the chance that the jewelry can get lost in transit and may not be recovered.

Repairs in Your Presence

A good jeweler will not be afraid to let you see them work on your jewelry. They will be honest about the types of repairs it needs and be willing to perform said tasks in your presence. This will allow you to confirm they are doing exactly what they said they will do. Of course, some tasks will be on equipment not visible to the customers, but the majority of the work will be accomplished in plain sight.

Keep accurate records of everything that has been done to your jewelry. Bring this documentation with you to give to the jeweler along with any certification for them. This will give the repair technician a better idea of the pieces they are working on. Many jewelry repair services in Jacksonville, FL, have started taking pictures of the jewelry to safeguard against potentially giving customers the wrong items after the repairs. Regular cleaning and maintenance will reduce the wear and tear on the items, as well. Finding someone you can trust will grant you peace of mind your jewelry is being respectfully treated.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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