Tips for Finding Suitable Wedding Rings from a Jeweler in Gridley CA

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Jewelry


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Congratulations on meeting the love of your life and planning the perfect wedding, but now comes the hard part – buying the rings from a jeweler in Gridley CA. No wedding would be complete without wedding rings and you may be overwhelmed at the sight of what’s on offer from a jeweler in Gridley CA. Don’t let it stress you out because, after all, this is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of your life! The exchanging of the rings symbolizes ever-lasting love from one person to another and these rings will be worn forever, so you need to be prepared when you visit a jeweler in Gridley CA. Here are some tips to help you find rings that express love, style and commitment.

Matching Bands or Individual Styles?

You need to have a discussion with your partner prior to visiting a jeweler in Gridley CA, because it is traditional for the male and the female to wear matching bands. Despite this, it is acceptable to get individual styles if you want and this is a good idea if you want to express your personalities with a ring. Do you want to wear a thin wedding band? If so, you can find bands with a width of 2mm or if you prefer bold pieces of jewelry, increase the width to 8mm. Remember that comfort is important and the woman’s wedding ring must compliment the engagement ring.

Titanium, Gold or Silver?

Once upon a time men didn’t wear wedding rings but now, more and more people are visiting a jeweler in Gridley CA to buy rings. Men can be hard to please when it comes to jewelry but the good news is that you can choose between three main types of metal. Gold is attractive but quite soft, silver is strong but can rust quite quickly and titanium is very lightweight but indestructible. Does your husband-to-be work in an industry where hands-on duties are required? If so, a strong metal like titanium would be a better investment.

Shape and Band Style

The engagement ring should sit comfortably underneath the wedding ring from a jeweler in Gridley CA, so make sure that the stone on the wedding ring does not protrude too much and cause discomfort. Straight-edged wedding bands are the most common but you can get curved wedding rings if you wish. When it comes to the band style you can choose between three main options – flat wedding rings, rounded-edge wedding rings, high-domed wedding rings.

Visit a jeweler in Gridley CA with your partner if you are getting matching bands. By doing this, you can get an idea of what rings catch your partner’s eye and this will make the final decision easier. Remember that engagement rings should match wedding rings and the stone is an integral part.


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