The Joy of Costume Jewelry

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Jewelry


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The fashion savvy girl goes wild for jewelry and Costume Jewelry Supplies are always the perfect addition for a fresh, vibrant look. Providing a large inventory of costume jewelry will offer clients a way to enhance their wardrobe and put together a fashion forward look for both day and night.

Wholesale Costume Jewelry Distributors
Finding a good distributor who can provide you with the latest styles and offer an assortment of costume jewelry supplies will keep your inventory up to date and make your shop a destination point for fashion fanatics. You need to stay on top of the latest trends, but if you want to be able to order online with confidence finding a reliable supplier will make ordering easy as they will be doing the legwork for you.

Upsell with Costume Jewelry
Having a display near your POS will help you upsell to customers. You can train staff or keep an eye on sales yourself so that they can offer a matching bracelet, necklace or earrings to go with each client’s purchase. You can also provide an entire display and set up a selection of costume jewelry close to dressing rooms where sales associates can easily reach them and offer them to clients while they are trying on clothes.

Celebrity Appeal
Celebrities have a huge influence on fashion and looking for costume jewelry supplies from eStyleBank that reflect celebrity style will be a huge draw for clients. You can look for jewelry options that allow clients to mirror their favorite stars’ looks and even post images of stars on walls and in dressing rooms to encourage clients to purchase the “whole” outfit.

Get the Look
A good sell especially for accessories and costume jewelry is to provide displays using items throughout the store. You can flag outfits with “get the look” signage and help get imaginations flowing with ideas to create popular fashion looks. You can use magazine clippings as inspiration and even tag with the names of models and celebrities. “As seen in Rihanna’s video” or “Get the Jennifer Aniston Layered Look”, etc to encourage multiple purchases.

Finding costume jewelry supplies to suit your clients’ needs will help you become “the” fashion store of choice and build a well-earned client base.


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