The Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Purchasing a new Sealy mattress in Jackson MS can be both exciting and time consuming. You may finally be making the move from a spring bed to a memory foam one at the suggestion of your friends and family. But what makes memory foam so much better than other materials? There are a wide range of benefits to both disabled and able-bodied people, so let’s take a look at some key areas now.

Density and Firmness

Each sleeper has a different idea of what the perfect firmness is, and memory foam can come in a wide range of densities to suit every person. You may have some back pains or a disability which causes you to need a more firm and secure surface, which dense foam can provide. Or you could seek out the comfort of a soft and plush mattress that you can sink into and feel hugged by warmth around your body. It all depends on you personally, so it’s important to take your time when considering the density and firmness of an available product.

Heat Absorption or Retention

Some people suffer from night sweats and can benefit from a mattress that absorbs and dissipates the heat from their body. This keeps the mattress and the sleeper much cooler throughout the night, easing the symptoms and discomfort from night sweats. On the other hand, other sleepers may enjoy extra warmth to their hips, back, shoulders, or other joints in their body. Certain foam beds are made to retain heat, which can reflect it back into your body. Especially welcomed in the winter, it can also ease tight muscles and joints throughout the year as well.

Prices and Warranties

As with any product you purchase for your home, prices can differ greatly. You may be on a tight budget with your mattress purchase, or you could be willing and able to invest a decent amount to get the highest quality product you can find. No matter your budget, each mattress should come with some type of warranty. This may be limited to 30 days or a year, or it could be extended to five years or longer. It can also be a warranty through the retailer, or from the manufacturer itself. Always be sure to understand the warranty fully before making your final purchase. You don’t want to encounter a problem later on and realize there is no warranty to cover it.

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