Signs of Antichrist – What to believe?

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According to certain interpretations of the Bible, right before the return of Christ will come the mark of the beast or the Antichrist. This has been very confusing for believers who want to be prepared when this time comes. They want to know what to look for so that they can be prepared. But the question is what exactly have we been preparing for? In many areas of the scriptures, Jesus said in his own words that ‘he is coming soon.’ However this time has since come and gone and 2,000 years later, we are still waiting on the return of Christ.

Is the Bible wrong?

Many people refuse to question what they have been told. However it is worth wondering whether what has been told to us is indeed accurate. It is essential to do some digging and to find out what exactly the Bible was trying to tell us. When we keep in mind that these texts were written thousands of years ago and tailored to the people of that time, then it becomes easier to translate and understand exactly what is going on. This means that it isn’t about whether the Bible is wrong or not but whether our interpretation of it has been questionable.

Seeking the truth – A hopeful quest

The truth is out there and in fact all it takes is a closer look at what is before our very eyes. Instead of wondering whether or not signs of the Antichrist might be showing that the end of the world is near, we can instead wonder whether or not it means that things as we know it are about to change. Any change can seem tumultuous and scary. However with the right knowledge and foresight, it is possible to be well prepared.

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