Pros and Cons of Goliath V2 Replacement Coils

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Shopping


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The Goliath V2 is the new kid on the block, waiting to conquer the vaping world. It is a replacement coil used with Goliath Rebuildable Tank Atomizers.


Better than the Goliath V1, it comes with a controlled juice flow and an additional 5ml space for the juice. Users are now able to control the juice and air that is flowing in the tank.

Vapers have a lot of fun getting a good puff and blowing out a huge cloud of vapor. The V2 gives users great vapor production while retaining flavor due to the well-spaced coils.

First impressions last a long time. The Goliath V2 is very visually appealing, making vapers stand out among their peers. Additionally, the V2 kit comes packaged with O-Rings, which gives it room for customization.


The Goliath V2 is wired in such a way that makes it hard to disassemble and assemble at will. Refilling this tank is therefore messy and can lead to loss of juice in the process.

Adjusting the airflow openings can be tedious as they are wide when the tank is open.

Factors that Determine the Longevity of Goliath V2 Replacement Coils.

Coils are delicate in nature, and have the tendency to wear out quickly. However, the way you handle your tank contributes to how long or short a coil will last. Depending on the frequency of usage, coils should be replaced frequently. Here are contributing factors that sabotage the durability of the Goliath V2.


The higher the acid in e-liquids, the faster the coil will wear out. Fruit flavors wear coils out because of the acid in the fruits.

Frequency of vaping

The more you vape, the faster your coil will wear out.

Voltage Level

Coils running under high watts and voltage will wear out faster.

With all the customization abilities and the addition of new features, the Goliath V2 will surely blow your mind.

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