Picking Out Wedding Decor

A wedding is a special occasion that needs special decor. It needs to be good enough to satisfy guests, but it should also say something personal about you. Due to this, don’t just pick things at random. Make sure your decor is cohesive across the board. Use planning and guidance to pick out the best wedding decor.

Starting Things Off

Your design process has to start somewhere. It is best to get inspiration from other designs and styles that you see around you. You can even use a favorite movie or interior design style to use as your base. Think about a restaurant you like, a hotel or something you have seen in a furniture store. These are all a great sources of inspiration to plan out everything from your wedding chairs to wedding tablecloths.

Bringing It All Together

If you’ve done the initial stage right, you’ll have a number of ideas to choose from. Yet, how do you pull all these pieces together into a cohesive design? You will have to eliminate items that are not necessary. Try focusing on the major theme of the wedding to do this. Keep true to the desired feel of the wedding, and you can easily weed out things that don’t fit.

Essence is Essential

You may have a theme picked out, but you need to present it in a creative manner. It is easy to get carried away with themes to the point where they get ridiculous. Your goal should be to maintain the feeling of the theme without going overboard. If you do too much, people may think your wedding is a little tacky. For example, instead of adding feathers to the gowns of bridesmaids, line your wedding tablecloths with attractive feathers. Guests want to be entertained at a wedding, but they don’t want of feel like they are part of a circus.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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