Making The Most of Cake Pops as Party Treats

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Food, Shopping


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Not only are cake pops delicious, but they’re whimsical, too! Don’t let their small size fool you—just as many flavors and decorating possibilities are available to you in the world of cake pops as in the perhaps-more-familiar territory of tiered cakes or cupcakes. For a few of the most fun and creative ways to utilize cake pop molds and cookie cutters to create eye-catching shapes, read on!

1. The Presentation is everything. By bringing cake pops to the party, you’ve already committed yourself to a fun, portable way to spread delicious cheer, but don’t stop there! Glitter dipped toppings, colorful drizzles, cookie crumbles, or delicious sprinkles will all look great arranged in your scrumptious bites. For an added touch of cute simplicity, tie a bow onto the sticks and make your party guests feel like bearers of a magic cake wand.

2. Did you go the extra mile to fill your cake pops with something delicious? Maybe fresh strawberries await your guests after their first bite, or perhaps a punch of color in the middle of a pop with a deceivingly white appearance. If so, don’t be ashamed to be a tease, and display one of your pops with a bite scooped out. Nothing wrong with a little sneak preview!

3. Cake pop molds are helpful for the beginner cake popper (and undeniably convenient even for experienced bakers), but don’t feel limited! You can also spread your cake batter to its desired thickness in a pan, then use cookie cutters in shapes like hearts or stars to create non-spherical cake pop shapes.

4. Create for the occasion. Just because you’re working with smaller bites doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the same festive freedom that you might otherwise find with cake decorating. Confetti sprinkles for birthdays, ribbons for baby showers, snowmen or snowball themed cake pops for winter parties—the possibilities are endless.

No matter when or where you plan to bring along your prized cake pops, businesses like NY Cake are always ready to help you step up to the plate and up your cake pop game.

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