If You Know What A Nub Is, Can You Smoke It?

The question really cuts to the heart of the matter; or gets to its nub – a statement that isn’t all that helpful when you hear the word used about Nub Cigars. Nub is a word that we can all recollect hearing; but, I suspect that few of us could quote its dictionary meaning. On the one hand, to get to the nub is to get to the crux or central point of a matter (nothing to do with setting fire to it and smoking it like you would Nub Cigars).

Back in my engineering days, we used to put a nubbin on certain parts of the equipment we were making – that term referred to a small raised portion protruding from a flat surface and the word traces back to an alternative meaning for nub. If something (like a gold nugget embedded in a rock) protrudes out of something else, to form a small lump or protuberance; it is said to be a nub; or, a nubble (but, you still can’t smoke it). I suppose that the word nubile comes from the same roots; but I think we had better not go there. There is also nubby (nubbly) to describe that coarse fabric with a knobbly texture.

I suppose that, when in smokers’ mouths; all cigars stick out from their faces; but, it is not until they have nearly burnt out that they could be said to be a small protuberance; which would lead us to think that Nub Cigars must be some kind of special cigar.

Sam Leccia

Sam is an experienced cigar maker and innovator who gave much thought to what he saw as a shortcoming in traditional cigars. This was that the majority of tobacco blends used in cigar production (whether hand rolled or machine made) did not immediately burst into flavor the moment the smoker lit them; they had to be allowed to burn for a while before their full taste and aroma became apparent.

He tackled this perceived problem face on and came up with a modified cigar design that allowed its smoker to experience the full delights of the cigar throughout the whole of the smoking session. He called the cigars that he “invented” Nub Cigars. His invention proved successful and the US headquarted, Nicaraguan tobacco growing and cigar producing company – Oliva Cigar Company (Tabacalera Oliva Tabolisa) are now marketing it with their full range of Oliva Nub Cigars (so, you can indeed smoke a nub).


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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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