Ideas For Unique Engagement Rings

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Jewelry


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While many couples shop together for engagement rings, there are still a lot of men who enjoy surprising their soon to be fiancé with a carefully selected ring chosen just for them.

Finding unique engagement rings by shopping in jewelry stores can be a challenge. Typically, men find shopping at more than two or three stores soon leads to concerns in finding a ring that is different. Unfortunately, staying in those large chain jewelry stores is going to lead to more rings that look identical and less chance to find the special ring.

Shopping online with a specialty diamond jeweler is a great way to find unique engagement rings or to have the option to customize rings on the site. This can include changing the metal in the band, which will give a ring a completely different look, or even opting for a setting and design that is very different from what is available in local jewelry stores.

Go Vintage Themed

Retro, vintage and antique styles of engagement rings are very popular. They are also classic designs that will continue to be in style for decades to come. Rather than searching through antique shops or buying online from unknown sellers, consider choosing a modern take on the retro, antique or vintage look you like.

Many of the older styles of engagement rings offer combinations of gemstones. These are a unique look to the traditional diamond only ring, and you can select a favorite gemstone for your fiancé that is sure to be treasured and appreciated.

Tension Rings

Tension rings are relatively new and offer a look that is eye-catching and almost mesmerizing. These rings are carefully crafted so the diamond appears to sit in the band by tension alone.

In fact, the settings are actually part of the band, creating the look of the diamond floating in the setting. This is a very modern look, but definitely not trendy. They have the look of careful, quality craftsmanship and enduring grace and elegance.

Pavé and Cluster Rings

For a memorable ring consider choosing the pavé style or cluster style of design. These rings use smaller diamond chips, including colored diamond chips, to create a beautiful pattern over the band and the central part of the setting.

Another option would be to choose a single larger colored or white diamond for the central setting, and then use the pavé or cluster design around the edges. A halo ring also provides this same feature, but the additionally small diamonds follow the lines of the diamond to add to the dazzle and brilliance.

The best place to start looking for unique engagement rings is online. This will provide you with ideas for unique rings as well as a good sense of a fair price for a given ring.

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