How to Nail the “Athleisure” Look

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Clothing


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There’s a new word for a type of look where you’re either headed to the gym or hoping to head to the gym. It’s called the “athleisure” look. It’s really comfortable when you’re running errands or lounging around the house before a workout. Consider the following ways you can nail this look perfectly.

  • Start with the right foundation.

You’ll want to purchase the right garments. For the right “athleisure” wear look, focus on layers. Purchase a few hot yoga shirts. You can wear them underneath sweatshirts or jackets. Collect leggings and comfortable workout pants. To build your sneaker collection, start with single colors. Purchase a pair of black sneakers and a pair of white sneakers. When you have those options at your disposable, your outfits will always match.

  • Choose the right accessories.

In the grand scheme, the details really do matter. In this case, find simple accessories that you can switch on a daily basis. On Monday, you might choose to wear some pearl stud earrings. On Tuesday, you might decide that you’d like to wear some fun hoop earrings with a stylish baseball cap. Watches, bracelets and necklaces are great for providing an understated yet stylish look.

  • Develop an easy makeup application process.

Makeup is one of the fun, easy ways to make your look polished and clean. You don’t have to put on a full face of makeup to look polished either. Consider wearing some tinted moisturizer for a nice finish. To wake up your eyes, you can dab on a bit of under-eye concealer. Add some mascara to add easy drama. Then, add your favorite tinted lip gloss for a finished look. This whole routine can easily take five minutes to complete.

When you’re looking for items like hot yoga shirts, consider retailers like SecondtoNAKED. It’s also great to look around for items that are on sale. As you continue to purchase new items for your workout collection, you’ll eventually develop the perfect “athleisure” closet of clothes.

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