How to make alphabet letters using an alphabet silicone mold

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Shopping


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One of the joys of baking lies in the sheer unlimited creations that can be produced. When you are baking for kids, you can use bright colors to increase the appeal of whatever it is that you will be creating. One popular option for kids birthday parties or graduation parties is alphabet letters. When creating alphabet letters, it helps to know what processes work best. Many bakers have had success using an alphabet silicone mold to create fun and interesting alphabet decorative letters.

Cute fondant letters

An alphabet silicone mold can be used to create cute and eye catching fondant letters for your cake decorating needs. You can use any color or type of fondant you like and the easy to use molds will guarantee no sticking during the setting process. Using alphabet letters to decorate a cake is one of the most appealing types of decorations that kids and parents alike are immediately drawn to. If you are short on ideas for cake decorating, fondant letters made using an alphabet silicone mold offers just the right solution.

Choose the right mold

When selecting your alphabet silicone mold, it is important that you get the best quality one you can find. One of the best to select from includes those that are made from FDA approved silicone. This allows you to get the letters created in a clean and simply to remove way. Nothing is worse than going through all of the hard work of making the fondant only to have it stick to the mold. That is why it also helps to make sure that your mold is a non-stick one.

With an alphabet silicone mold, you can finally have the cute and whimsical decorative letters you have been looking for. Find out more when you explore our website to choose the alphabet silicone mold best suited to your baking needs. Visit NY Cake for more information about our products.

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