How to Choose Earrings Designs to Enhance Your Face Type

To keep yourself beautiful and maintain your unique look, you will need to have a set of different jewelry for different occasions. One of the few types of jewelry that are common for enhancing beauty include earrings. Earrings are more visible by the people around you and you will need to change them often. Having different sets of Earrings Designs will add color to your life. Earrings have the power to complement well with any outfit in your wardrobe. When shopping around, many of the jewelry sellers will give you almost everything you need to know but forget to tell you that different earrings match well with different face shapes.

A guide on how to determine which earrings complement your face;

* Heart-shaped face: A heart-shaped face will be a bit long and narrow. When you have such a face, then you need to keep away from thin, dangling earrings. If you opt for this type of earrings, then your face will look longer and leaner. Most preferably choose earrings that have volume at the bottom. Designer Earrings at Surat Diamond Jewellery has a section for these designer earrings, select those that have teardrop shapes. Ideally, you will need earrings that have a similar shape to that of your face.

* A slim and rounder face: For such a face, you can consider getting yourself long earrings with less volume. This helps to keep your face slim. At all costs, avoid rounded or circular earrings. Round earrings hoop the eyes sideways that will make your face look more round. You can choose elongated earrings which draw your eyes vertically making your face look slimmer.

* An oval shaped face: If you have such a face, then your face is well rounded and can match with any Earrings Designs. However, you can prefer the teardrop designs which can complement well with your face.

Remember, when you are looking for designer earrings, you will need to put into consideration the size of your face and its shape. For instance, for petite women with a small face, having large earrings is not advisable. Same case for women with large faces – they should not get small earrings, but instead favor bigger earrings.

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    Author: NANCY LAND

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