How to Choose an Engagement Ring

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Jewelry


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So, you’re ready to pop the big question, but have you bought a ring yet? Some men choose to bring their fiancée with them to the jeweler so they can pick their own engagement ring. However, most women still prefer to be surprised. Romance is not yet dead, you know. Well, unless you kill it with your practicality.

Understandably, men are not that interested in jewelry, but choosing the perfect engagement ring need not be such a hassle. First, you need to pay close attention to her taste in jewelry. Next, you need to understand the basic rules of choosing a diamond engagement ring.

Understand the 4Cs

When buying a diamond, the first thing you should learn about is the 4Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. This is important because the 4Cs are the global standard for evaluating the diamond quality, allowing you to compare the quality of one diamond to another. It is also considered as the universal language used when describing diamond quality. Your ability to speak this language will help you get the perfect custom design engagement ring for your bride-to-be.

Familiarize Yourself with the Different Diamond Shapes

Aside from the 4Cs, you also need to be familiar with the different diamond shapes. There’s really no right or wrong answer to this because it all boils down to your girlfriend’s preference. Some of the most popular shapes you can get a diamond in are the following.

  • Round
  • Pear
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Heart

Choose the Precious Metal and Setting of the Ring

For your custom design engagement ring, you also need to consider the precious metal and setting of the ring. You have several choices for the metal. Some of them are:

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Platinum

Sterling silver is another option but is not the most popular precious metal for engagement rings because they are not very durable. They also tarnish over time.

As for the setting, there are three main types of ring settings you can choose from.

  • Prong
  • Bezel
  • Halo

If everything still sounds alien to you, you can always ask your Javda jeweler for help. There’s nothing wrong with that. They are the experts in this matter!

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