Getting the Scoop on Baby Formula

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Baby Care


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Having a baby and raising children is a wonderful and rewarding experience. However, it can also be a very expensive endeavor, so anytime you can save money you can gain some peace of mind. Finding the best infant formula is crucial to the growth of your newborn. When it comes to choosing the right formula, give some thought to the store brands. Since they do not spend money on fancy commercials or printed ads, they are able to pass those savings onto their customers by offering lower prices on their products.

Moving to Formula

Breast milk is beyond a doubt the best for newborns. When making the transition to formula, it is important to first consult your child’s physician. The store exclusive brands of formula make some of the best infant formulas on the market today. They are full of all the required vitamins and nutrients, and the best part is the average savings per year for families. Millions of parents agree that the store brands of formula easily exceed expectations.

Store Brands Have Many Different Product Options

The store brand lines of formula offer a diverse range of products. These formulas are scientifically advanced and just like other competitor national brands they go through strict processing and contain all the FDA required nutrients.

This means that parents can reap the benefits of 50% savings per can over other leading brands. These formulas are designed to be easy to tolerate and digest for infants. The main focus of a store brand formula is on manufacturing compliance and quality, not on ads and marketing. All facilities follow strict adherence to the Infant Formula Act and meet all additional requirements for certifications. These brands also have to be in compliance with the Safe Quality Food Program and are certified as kosher by the Orthodox Union. These facilities have received approval from Quality Assurance International for their compliance with USDA organic regulatory procedures.

All makers of formulas must pass strict requirements and regulations imposed by the FDA by law. This keeps factories in line and ensures that all formulas meet the same quality and safety standards. This keeps one formula from being better than another. By meeting these U.S. standards, all formulas will contain well balanced and complete nutrition. These formulas are nutritionally complete and contain vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats, and carbohydrates. By design, infant formulas are created like breast milk to provide infants the essential nutrients and energy for growth and activity.

Parent’s Choice has been making formulas since 1998. Today their brand includes baby and toddler foods, specially designed toddler formulas, nutritional pediatric beverages, powder sticks and electrolyte rehydration solutions. Millions of parents agree that Parent’s Choice Brands are easily accessible and that they are the best infant formulas available on the market today.

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