Dinosaur Bone Rings – Timelessness on Your Fingers

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Jewelry


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If the mere idea of dinosaur bone rings gets you teeming with fantasy, wait till you actually wear one of these around your finger. Crafted from actual remains of these colossal creatures that wandered our planet for over 160 million years, dinosaur bone rings are a rare and exquisite possession that will make you gape with awe. What’s better is that every ring is crafted individually to be one of its kind and you will not find another passerby wearing the same. And if that is not enough, you can work closely with your designer to create a custom designed ring that is truly an extension of your personality.

Dinosaur Bone Rings Are a Journey from Fantasy to Reality

So you loved Jurrassic Park as a kid. It definitely was a film that left all of us imagining, picturing and fantasizing dinosaurs for a long time. After all the imaginative visualizations however, we never really got to see or experience what real dinosaurs would be like. Sadly while no worldly designer is good enough to create a dinosaur for you, you can choose to cherish a precious piece of its remains as a rare piece of jewelry.

Choose Your Dinosaur Bone Rings Designer Carefully

Since these magnificent creatures no longer walk the earth, their fossils are fairly limited and there are only so many rings that can be made. That explains why you won’t find your jeweler next door selling dinosaur bone rings. There are a certain number of designers and retailer who are authorized to buy dinosaur bone and craft it into jewelry. So choose your designer very carefully. Ask for a certificate of authenticity issued by the government to be sure that your find is genuine and responsibly sourced.

Custom Design Your Dinosaur Bone Ring

When you spend $600 to $1300 on a single ring, you certainly want that no one else flaunts one just like yours. Ideally, a good designer handcrafts every single ring individually and uniquely. No designs are replicated. However, if you wish that your dinosaur bone ring should be even more unique and have a personal element in it, you can work with your designer to create your own custom design and make it truly original and an extension of your style.

Caring For Your Dinosaur Bone Ring

Fossilized dinosaur bones can be fairly brittle and delicate. That is why when buying one, you must make sure that your ring is encased in a strong and good quality metal. You can have dinosaur bone rings encased in gold, platinum or rhodium. Together with these metals, a dinosaur bone ring is a truly timeless piece of jewelry you can pass on across generations.



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