Christian Wedding Traditions

A traditional Christian wedding celebrates the union of two people and is usually done in the presence of a Christian Wedding Minister. A lot of these weddings follow a certain format and usually takes place in a church. However, some couples do opt for an outside venue.

There are several Christian wedding traditions. Such as:


Before the ceremony starts, the groomsmen direct the guests to their seats. Closer family members such as parents, siblings and grandparents are escorted down the aisle to their seats. The Best Man, on the other hand, is usually in a private room with the groom and his job is to attend to the needs of the groom and to keep him reassured and calm.

Pre- Bridal Procession

The bride, maid of honor, and the bridesmaid wait before the bridal procession can begin. The groom, best man and the groomsmen stand in front of the altar along with the Christian Wedding Minister. Once the procession begins, the guests get up and wait for the bride to enter. Usually, a processionary march is played, after which the bridal procession begins.

Bridal Procession

The procession has ring bearers as well as flower girls who are usually close relatives of the bride and the groom. After them the bridesmaids enter and then finally the bride walks down the aisle with the father or any other family member who wants to give her away, the groomsmen and the bridesmaids line up opposite to each other while the bride is given away.

Exchange of Vows

In Christian weddings, the bride and groom exchange vows to promise their commitment to each other. It is a very important part of any Christian wedding and marks the beginning of the journey of marriage for the couple. These vows can be scripted or they can be traditional. A lot of couples write their own vows.

Exchange Of Rings

After the vows, the couple exchanges the rings. The best man gives the rings to the priest who blesses them and then gives them to the couple who place it on each other.

Closing Prayer

After this, the priest says a prayer and asks the couple to kiss each other, after which the minister says, “I pronounce them man and wife.”


The bride and groom leave the venue and are followed by the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. The guests then greet the couple and congratulate them.


After the ceremony, a reception is kept where some more rituals take place and the new couple has meal with the guests and speeches are made by family and friends.


At the reception, the couple dances with each other and also with their parents. Several other couples also join them. This is also the time when the photographer takes pictures.

Cake Cutting

The couple cuts the cake and gives it to each other after which it is served to the guests.

Bouquet Toss

The bride tosses the bouquet behind her to single women. It is said that whoever catches the bouquet gets married next.

Garter Toss

The bride is seated on a chair and the groom removes the garter from her leg and tosses it to the bachelor’s in attendance. Whoever catches it is said to get married next.

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