Choose Indie Clothing If You Want To Be Out Of The Main Stream

by | Aug 12, 2013 | Clothing


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Do you consider yourself out of the main stream and look for clothing to reflect that side of you? Do you like vintage or retro clothing? Indie Clothing is clothing that is considered one-of-a-kind type clothing, which results in projecting an individual’s personal taste and style. Indie style is a real trend and has its own stylistic rules. It is a part of being independent. It is being a one-of-a-kind you.

Indie, which is short for independent, is often associated with music. Musicians exhibiting the independent music style that is not produced by major record labels often adapt Indie Clothing. Items associated with indie clothing are skinny jeans and bright colored skinny jeans such as yellow or red. Bright colored high top shoes are also considered indie style. Flats that have polka dots or brightly colored plaid are also considered indie. Brightly colored tights and leggings, plaid, t-shirts with creative pictures or designs on them, hats as well as vintage dresses are all part of the indie clothing scene.

Indie is a subculture style much like hippy, punk and new edge and uses all of these styles but mixes and matches them to create an original look. You dress and create your own trends you don’t follow them. You create your own eclectic originality and reflect it in the way you dress. It is a do it yourself approach to your own fashion style.

Indie Clothing does not include studs or spikes, large amounts of dark color or brand name items. It does include navy/white polka dots on a circle dress. On the other hand, how about a poodle skirt with a tie blouse? A pencil dress with navy and white polka dots accessorized with cat’s eye reading glasses is the perfect dress for office attire. It is professional, fashionable and definitely the one of a kind look that you are striving for when thinking about the indie clothing style. Add to that look a pleated purse in red, green or pink to complete your look. Bow belts in red, purple or navy are also great choices to add to your indie clothing style.

Retro pin ups featuring sultry but innocent girls are experiencing a surge in popularity. It’s little surprise, then, that pin up clothing, too, has become a trendy buy.


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