Bridal Abaya Here Comes The Bride: Bridal Abaya Info

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Clothing


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In any fashion show, the last outfit to cross the runway is a bridal gown. The tradition is the same follows for Muslim fashion shows. In the Islamic Fashion Fair show in Indonesia, for the FFF in California and on runways in New York, Muslim fashion designers include the bridal abaya at the end of the program. Like any bridal wear around the world, a bridal abaya is sure to end the show on a high note.

Modesty, Elegance And Purity

This is an important moment in any woman’s life. The bridal attire must reflect the enormity of the occasion. For Muslims, the bridal abaya reflects modesty and purity. When designed well, the bridal abaya also adds elegance for the bride-to-be on this very special day.

Designer or Not

For many Muslim girls and women, the ideal outfit for any momentous occasion is a designer abaya. For a wedding day, what could be better than having a one of a kind, hand crafted bridal abaya. Add to this specialized embroidery and lavish material – silk from China is a favorite. Customize many small details on the sleeves, neckline and hem, and the outfit is complete.

For a designer outfit, you need to have sufficient time. A stunning designer bridal abaya is not created in a single day. There are fittings and visits to ensure the outfit fits perfectly. Yet, if this is your dream marriage apparel, a designer abaya is the only option.

In contrast to a designer bridal abaya are ready to wear options. This rich apparel delivers the same magnificent elegance at a lower price. No bride would ever be ashamed to appear in these abayas on the most significant day of her life. The material may be manufactured. It may be crepe. The design nevertheless flows with grace.

Like the designer and handcrafted bridal abayas, ready to wear bridal apparel is as elegant as the person who wears it. It is feminine and evokes a sense of richness, purity and grace. With or without intricate embroidery, glittering or straightforward, with or without a matching hijab, or head scarf, these dresses help the bride-to-be glow on her day.

Words for the Bride-to-be

Whether it is a one-of-a-kind or one of several, a islamic bridal abaya is a special piece of clothing. Your online provider can help ensure you get the dress you want for that important day.

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