A Blizzard At A Wedding? Creating A Unique Winter Wonderland Event

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Shopping


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Imagine this scenario, you see a wedding hall filled with icicles, white table cloth and a crystal chandelier giving off soft white light. As your guests slowly walk in they are lightly showered with snowflakes from the entrance and as they look at area where you will get married. The path is covered in white snow with small lanterns lighting the way. It is a fantasy winter wonderland straight out of a fairytale and yet it is something that can be seen on Pinterest.com

Creating Your Winter wonderland in Summer

In order to pull off something like this, you need to have a snow making machine that is both strong enough to make enough snow to cover the way to the altar as well as gentle enough to slowly release snowflakes onto your guests. Snowonder.com has several of these types of machines that you can purchase. The snow they create is made using fake snow powder that can last for quite some time.

Really Making Things Like Winter

If there is one thing that the movie “Frozen” has taught anyone, it’s that icicles can make nearly anything look good. With this in mind, you can go to a website like Thomasfx.com so you can check out their wide array of fake icicles. As per the instructions on their website, they are relatively easy to hang and remove and would be perfect for a winter wonderland themed wedding.

Select the Right Venue

Last, yet certainly not the least, is choosing the right venue for your event. You need to be upfront with the owners of the venue regarding what you plan to do for your wedding since they may not appreciate seeing all the fake snow. It is because of this that most old churches are probably going to say no to your request but private banquet halls are likely to say yes.

All in all, if you follow this short guide, you too can have your own winter wonderland-themed wedding that will definitely be unforgettable.

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