5 Eyeglass Lenses to Choose From

by | May 12, 2016 | Shopping


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Most people only look at design and color when shopping for their eyewear. However, picking out the right eyeglass lens replacement is as important, if not more so, than picking out the latest eyewear fashions. Here’s a bit of information to help you decide which lenses to go for:

1. Polycarbonate

These are impact-resistant lenses, WebMD explains. So if you tend to play sports a great deal or enjoy an active lifestyle, this is a good choice for you. Also, if you work in an environment where you can easily scratch or break your glasses, then this one should suit you. This is also a good option for kids who easily drop their glasses to keep scratches to a minimum and prevent it from breaking much too soon.

2. Trivex

These are produced from a new type of plastic, one that shares similar qualities with polycarbonate lenses. The benefits of choosing Trivex for your glasses are, the material is of a higher optical quality (this means sharper vision), the material is also shatter-proof, and it also tints very nicely (great for sunglasses).

3. High index plastic

If you need strong prescription, these are the kind of lenses you should take a long look at. If you’re tired of carrying around cumbersome and thick, hefty prescription eyewear, then this lightweight and thin lenses should be an excellent upgrade.

4. Anti-glare lenses

If you do a lot of driving or spend plenty of time at the beach, going for anti-glare lenses is a fitting investment. By keeping the light and reflection off your eyes, you get better clarity and visibility whether you’re behind the wheel or taking a stroll out on a sunny day.

5. Photochromic Lenses

Always wanted lenses that doubled as shades? This lenses automatically darkens when exposed to UV light. If you’re fond of taking walks and want to keep your eyes protected from the sun, this lens should do just fine.

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