4 Awesome Japanese Gifts That Will Make Any Otaku Say “Sugoi”

Maybe they’re an anime fan. Maybe they just love the art, history or folklore of the country. Whatever their reasons for being connoisseurs of Japanese culture, here are just a few gifts that will rattle their bento box!

1. Ninja Swords

Swords were used in Japan for thousands of years. Most people are familiar with the katana, but fewer know about the tachi, tsurugi, odachi and wakizashi. If they like owning things that no one else does, consider gifting them a rare and unique Japanese sword.

2. Figurines

Avoid the cheap action figures. Splurge on the realistic, highly-detailed figurines made from materials like copper and bronze. They can be so realistic that you’re able to see the dried blood flaking on a samurai’s armor, so they’ll make great display pieces in the home.

3. Cooking Knives

Japanese knives are renowned in the cooking world. Your gift recipient doesn’t even need to be an otaku to appreciate them! Get them a full set, and they won’t need any other kitchen blades for a long, long time.

4. Good Luck Charm

If you’re looking for a quick, casual gift, consider a good luck charm. There are different types for money, family, health, success and happiness, so you can choose which ones are best suited for your buddy!

If they can’t get enough of Japanese culture, they’re sure to love these gifts. Feel free to check us out at Blade City through our website Blade-City.com if you’d like more ideas. We offer everything from ninja swords to samurai scabbards!

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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