2016 Living Room Furniture Trends in USA

There’s nothing like a good grasp of current concepts and strategies that are in for 2016. If you’re looking to upgrade your living room, here are a few takeaway ideas on furniture trends that are worth it:

Outdoors In

This year saw most outdoor fabrics being used indoors, with a lot of people bringing them inside. Typically designed to be sturdy and durable to withstand constant exposure to heat and rain, these pieces are perfect for high-traffic areas like your living room.

No TVs

We already spend a lot of time scrolling the internet through our laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. These days, more and more families are ditching tech devices for family time. A lot of living rooms have no TVs, preferring instead to create hangout places where families and friends could just sit back, talk, and relax.


Plenty of homes now feature fully decorated rooms. Interior decorating enthusiasts strike the perfect balance when it comes to light, function, and scale to achieve the best results.

Organic Glamour

More and more homes are discovering the appeal of artisanal furniture. If you want that native, homey touch in your home, go shop for living room furniture made in U.S.A., says TreasuredCountryGifts, for a touch of some authentic country home style.

Mixing Modern Materials

If you want something a bit more different or vibrant, then consider mixing modern materials and finishes as well as colors in your living room. That’s a great way to create a unique, sophisticated, and eclectic vibe. Just be careful to choose elements that won’t clash.

These are some of the furniture trends for this year. Whatever style or design you go for, though, remember that the best living rooms always share one thing: they’re family-friendly. Get that in the bag and you’ll be fine.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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