What To Look Out For When Hiring An Electrical Contractor

Has your fuse tripped? Is your telephone line faulty? An electrical contractor with relevant experience will be skilled to fix these problems, among many others. A growing trend around Australia and other parts of the world is electrical surveys. By contacting a trusted electrician to perform a visual survey of this kind, you will know when it is time to change light fittings, sockets, etc. Prior to paying for these services, pay attention to the main qualities of someone working in this industry. By doing so, you can avoid paying a lot for a poor job.

Are They Licensed and Bonded?

The first thing you should do when hiring an electrical contractor for a big or small job is find out if the professional is licensed and bonded. You can do this by asking them and also, by researching online. When you consider the fact that unsafe installation could be hazardous, it’s vital that you take the time to ensure the electrician’s work complies with rules set out on the licensing system. The Electrical Licensing Board will issue all electricians with a certificate, which is required by the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991.

Focus on the Skills

Don’t just let licenses help you make your mind up when contacting an electrical contractor for assistance. It’s also important that you find out what the individual’s skillset is. Building plans and technical drawings must be read by an electrician, so make sure he or she can do just this. Problem solving, teamwork, a flexible approach, and verbal and written communication skills are some other things one ought to look out for ahead of paying for services. Can the electrician work with renewable technology? If so, this is a good sign that the tradesperson is up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations.

Experience and References

A good reputation is more relevant than you might think. Get in touch with the previous customers of an electrician if possible, and always ask people you trust for references. Find out if he or she maintains enough experience in maintaining and installing fittings. A worthwhile tradesperson will be covered by warranty and insurance. Additionally, the electrician should follow certain standards of quality, and should comply with regulations and codes for safe installations.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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