What To Consider When Buying From A Tablecloth Factory

It may be surprising to many people planning big or small events that renting linens is often not the most cost-effective option. The assumption seems to be that renting is less costly than buying, but this is not true if you are working directly with a top tablecloth factory.

The Problem with Rentals

If you are using a wedding event supplier or a party rental service, there are several factors you need to consider. One is that they rarely have the same selection of colors and styles as buying directly from the tablecloth factory.

The second big issue is the actual cost of the rental. Most rental companies will provide a quote, but that doesn’t include all of the costs. Some companies will charge for delivery, and the cost of the linens can easily be double the cost of a purchase of a higher quality fabric.

While this may not seem to make sense, consider that the linen rental company has to wash the linens and prepare them for the next rental. However, check the fine print as you may be charged for linens that are stained or damaged.

The Advantages to Buying

When buying from a tablecloth factory, you will only receive new linens. You will never have someone else’s stained tablecloths that weren’t detected and now have to go on your tables. There are lots of stories of linens delivered the day of the wedding in less than pristine condition.

Additionally, with the low cost of purchase, you can then turn around and launder the linens and sell them yourself. Many couples find if they wash the linens and sell them locally they can recoup virtually all the costs, something that is simply not possible if you rent and return.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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