Take Your Romance to a New Height with Diamond Engagement Rings

When it’s time to “pop the question”, it’s important that everything be just right. You’ll want the perfect venue, the perfect words, and of course, the perfect ring.  Choosing the engagement ring for your fiancée is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in planning your proposal. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Know what she likes. Your fiancée has probably either dropped hints, or outright told you what she likes in a diamond engagement ring. Take note of her preferences, particularly if she has hinted at different things. Some women know exactly the metal and cut of the diamond they want, while others are more flexible and find many different rings attractive. When your bride to be falls into the former category, you will find it easy to pick a ring she’ll like. When she falls into the latter category, you will be charged with noting all her preferences and then making a choice yourself.

2. Know your budget. Nothing can turn a beautiful moment into a stressful one quicker than trying to buy a ring you can’t afford. Most experts recommend spending about three months’ salary on an engagement ring, giving you an idea of your budget. However, each person is different, and you should be honest about what you can spend. If you need to finance the engagement ring, find out ahead of time which jewelers will offer you financing for your purchase.

3. Choose a reputable jeweler. Choosing a reputable jeweler is extremely important. A good jeweler will help you to choose the best ring you can afford, and will educate you about the process of choosing the diamond along the way. Instead of trying to force you into a ring you cannot afford, or one that is of inferior quality, a good jeweler will recommend a ring that meets all of your requirements, including budget, style, and quality. He will help you to be confident and sure in your ring choice, both from a quality and a price standpoint.

Once you’re armed with information and prepared to purchase a diamond engagement ring, you’re well on your way to beginning your new life with your bride to be. Once you’ve chosen the perfect ring, you’re ready to tackle all of the other considerations that will make the day you propose one of the most romantic days of your life.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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